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Donation Initiatives

General Donations
BGST is possible because of the generosity of our dedicated donors. These donations enable us to continue as a theological school that offers unique benefits. Thank you for your support.

Pledge Campaign
By 2023, BGST aims to train 100 laity in Business Executive programmes, 100 in the Aging and Flourishing Programme, and 100 in the Church Leadership Programme.

To achieve these goals, we need to raise $150,000/year for the next three years. We are looking for 100 people to partner us by pledging $125/month for the next three years.

We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming one of these 100 donors. 

Through your support, you will be journeying with us in equipping fellow Christians to engage the complex challenges of work and life, so that our families, Churches and workplaces may see Christ in action; So that society will flourish; So that many more may come to know the love, glory, and beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Thank you for your support.

Building the Next Generation (BNG) 
Countless churches are struggling to find and train their next generation of church leaders and members. BGST wants to help. Through our Building the Next Generation (BNG) initiative, partner churches of BGST are able to unlock different benefits.

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BNG Partner Benefits
Depending on the amount of your gift, your church will gain complimentary access to one or more of the following:

  • Course(s)
  • Certificate Programme(s)
  • Graduate Diploma


    • Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.
    • Each voucher is transferable, but can only be redeemed by one student.
    • Each voucher must be redeemed within the calendar year of issue.
    • Course commencement is subject to minimum class size.
    • For Programme Vouchers (Certificate/Graduate Diploma)
      • Once redeemed, the student has a maximum of 2 or 4 years to complete a Certificate or Graduate Diploma, respectively.
      • Credit students will graduate with the respective certificate or diploma.
      • Certificate students who take their courses for audit will be awarded a Certificate of Participation at the end of their programme.

Complimentary Course

1.5 credits or 3 credits
BGST offers a carefully curated blend of traditional subjects, such as biblical studies, systematic theology, church history, and contemporary topics, like courses on vocation, popular culture and marketplace ministry. We seek to help our fellow Christians both learn about their faith and reflect critically on the pertinent concerns of our times so they understand why the Christian faith matters in their everyday life.

BNG Partner churches can use their free voucher for any of our courses. View our courses here.

Complimentary Certificate

12 credits
Our certificates provide a basic knowledge of Scripture, Christian traditions and spiritual discernment to help Christians grow in Christ-likeness.

BNG Partner churches who have unlocked complimentary certificates can use their free voucher for any of our certificates. View our certificates here.

Complimentary Graduate Diploma (Accredited)

30 credits
Our Graduate Diplomas introduces some of the main theological disciplines and offers courses which address the practicalities of living for God in Asia in the 21st century.

The Grad DipCS forms half of the Master in Christian Studies (MCS) programme and a third of the Master of Divinity (MDiv) programme.

The Grad DipCS is right for you if:

      • You want a substantial intro to Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, Christian Spirituality and Intercultural Studies
      • You want more in-depth training without enrolling in a Masters programme
      • You want more thorough training on how to reflect theologically, grow spiritually and integrate your faith with all areas of life.

BNG Partner churches who have unlocked complimentary Graduate Diplomas can use their free voucher towards our GradDipCS programme. Learn more about our graduate diplomas and other programmes here.

How can we register as a BNG Partner Church?
Interested in becoming a partner church or simply want to find out more?
Contact us at

How can we redeem our BNG Benefits?
Complimentary Course Voucher
If you wish to redeem a complimentary course voucher:

      • Register for your course (at least a week before class begins)
      • Ensure you have the original voucher, complete with your name and the name of the class.
      • Mail your voucher to BGST OR bring it to the first class of your course.

Complimentary Programme
If you wish to redeem a complimentary programme voucher (Certificate or Graduate Diploma), simply submit it along with your programme application form to

View the programme application process here.

BGST Technology Fund (BT Fund) 
The number of lay Christians expressing interest in part-time theological education is growing. This has led to a significant increase in enrolment. To support this growth, we are improving our academic IT infrastructure. The BT Fund has been created for supporters to invest in BGST’s new educational platforms for training the whole people of God in Singapore and the region. Contributions to the BT Fund go towards:

  • The Website where students may register and pay for courses/ events and access BGST media resources
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades so that our students can receive better support
  • IT Maintenance to manage our diverse IT systems and needs

Want to support the BT Fund?  Click here. Thank you for your support.

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