How these materials can be used

These materials are designed to be used in variety of ways. Here are three ideas: 

1. Small group use:

A small group (e.g. cell group, care group, discipleship group, family group) can, over the course of 6 sessions, watch one video during each session, and discuss the reflection questions after watching the video. In this way, a small group ministry leader can coordinate 1.5 months worth of small group activities.

2. Pulpit use, complemented by Christian education class:

A church might wish to consider integrating the first four “sermon-style” videos into its weekly Sunday service over the course of a month (four Sundays). After each service, the church might wish to encourage families to discuss the discussion questions among themselves.

Then, to complement this Ruth sermon series, the church might want to organise a two-session thematic Christian education class using the two thematic videos over an online platform, e.g. Zoom. After watching the video, members can be broken up into smaller breakout groups to discuss the reflection questions.

3. Personal Use

An individual might use the six video and accompany reflections questions to guide their quiet time over the course of a week (one video a day). Finally, on the seventh day of the week (Sunday), the individual can read through again the entire book of Ruth once through to take their learning deeper.

If you have any questions regarding this series, do write in to us at

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