Welcome to BGST, a theological school with a difference! 

BGST was founded in 1989. As our Mission Statement puts it, we are “a trans-denominational college for the whole people of God, providing flexible, relevant, and quality education that draws upon Scripture, Christian traditions, and inter-disciplinary studies.” We offer a theological training that will equip Christians in all professions and walks of life to serve God where He has placed them, and to do so in ways that will bring Him glory. 

While we are happy to accept as students those who intend to enter full-time, church-based ministry, our main focus is on the laity. At BGST we take a broad view of Christian calling and ministry. Indeed, we believe that all Christians are called to “full-time ministry”: it is just that for most Christians the sphere of their ministry is the workplace or the home or wherever else God has put them. 

The content of our courses reflects our Mission Statement. We encourage students to make the connection between biblical truth and life. Some of our courses specifically focus on how the gospel relates to the workplace, to our culture, to world events, in short, to the many different issues that confront us as Christians living in the 21st century. We do not underplay traditional theological disciplines, such as biblical studies, systematic theology and church history – on the contrary, we believe that students can benefit greatly from being trained in these disciplines – but we also help our students apply what they learn to their own walk with God (spirituality) and to their understanding of, and involvement in, the society of which they are a part (cultural engagement). 

Because many of our students are working professionals, we usually offer live classes on weekday evenings and on Saturdays. The use of recorded lectures and private study options further enhances the flexibility of our course offerings. Our core courses are gradually becoming available in fully online versions, which can be taken anywhere in the world! 

Students can study at their own pace: there is no hurry! Indeed, if it is a choice between rushing to complete a programme and taking enough time to reflect on and apply what you have learned, we would rather you do the latter. 

So, rest assured! If you want to study with us, it should be possible for you to do so. Please explore our website for further details. I think you will see that we mean what we say in our Mission Statement. 

The Lord bless you and encourage you in your walk with Him. 

Dr Lai Pak Wah

(Principal, BGST)

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