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Staff Appointment & Role Expansion Update
Thu | 16 February, 2023

Over the last 3 years, the school has been undergoing a transformation process so that we can better serve all Christians seeking to integrate their faith with work, church and society.

To enable the school to better focus and serve our students better, we have established an Executive Team to lead the strategic direction and the administration of the school.

Led by the Principal, the Executive Team comprises of:
  1. Dr Lai Pak Wah -  Principal and Dean
  2. Ms Lynn Yong - Head, Administrative Services (HAS)
  3. Ms Cecilia Chow - Head, Strategy, Partnerships and Operations (HSPO)
  4. Dr Tan Seng Kong - Head, Technology and Educational Resources (HTER)

Appointment of new/expanded roles:
  1. Dr Lai Pak Wah - Expansion of scope to cover the role of Dean
  2. Ms Lynn Yong - Appointment of new role as Head, Administrative Services
  3. Ms Cecilia Chow - Expansion of existing Head, Strategy and Partnerships scope to include Operations role.
  4. Dr Tan Seng Kong - Expansion of existing Head, Educational Resources to include Technology role.

We pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon the appointment holders in their new endeavours.

May they embrace their roles with humility, courage & wisdom.
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