Distortions in Doctrine

Conference Distortions in Doctrine
March 28 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

How do the divinity and humanity of Christ relate to his work in saving us? How does “work out your own salvation” (Phil 2:12) relate to “by grace you have been saved … not as a result of works” (Eph 2.:8-9)? And how exactly does Jesus save — by example or by some supernatural intervention?

These are some questions that thinkers of the Church wrestled with since the time of the apostles. And as you might imagine, some of the answers they came up with were not so clear-cut,  nor were all equally well grounded in God’s revelation. Indeed, some were “Distortions” from it.

This conference examines some of these Distortions in Doctrine — what they were, what questions they were trying to answer, and what we can still learn from them.

Come and learn from the perspectives of Historical Theology (Prof Tony Lane), and Pastoral Theology (Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon), with panel discussions.


Location: Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church , 4 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579792
Lecturer : Robert Solomon

Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon served as Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore from 2000-2012. He had served previously as a medical doctor, church pastor, principal of Trinity Theological College and president of the National Council of Churches of Singapore. Dr Solomon has degrees in medicine, theology, intercultural studies, and a PhD in pastoral theology from the University of Edinburgh. He has contributed many articles to books, theological dictionaries and journals, and authored more than 30 books. He now has an active itinerant ministry of preaching and teaching in Singapore and abroad.

Lecturer : Tony Lane

Tony Lane (DD, University of Oxford) is professor of historical theology at the London School of Theology. He is the author of A Concise History of Christian Thought and Justification by Faith in Catholic-Protestant Dialogue. A world-class Calvin scholar, he abridged the Institutes into a popular student edition and also edited the translation of Calvin's Bondage and Liberation of the Will.

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