[18 & 19 Oct 19] ChristianX 2019: The Church in a Digital World

Conference [18 & 19 Oct 19] ChristianX 2019: The Church in a Digital World

The world today is being profoundly disrupted and transformed. Digital technologies such as AI, machine learning, cybernetics, blockchain and augmented/ virtual realities are powerful shaping forces in civilization and culture, even challenging the very idea of the human being. How do we follow and serve Christ in this new age? Is the Church ready at all for the future that is already upon us?

Who should attend?
Kingdom leaders and cultural stewards (including parents, educators, pastors and business executives) in every sphere that God has called and placed you to serve.

Topics at a glance

Day 1

Day 2

The Digital World

What are the latest digital technology trends and their impact on the Church and Christian life?

Being a Christian in a Digital World

  • Christian Identity and Relationship with God: the Human Person Beyond AI

Does technology affect our identity and relationship with God? With machines increasingly taking on human attributes, what does it mean to be a human being? How do we recognise ourselves made in the image of God?

  • Spiritual Formation & Discipleship in a Digital World

People are not merely lines of code. How do we temper the ill effects of technology with spiritual formation and discipleship? Can technology help here?

  • Digital Natives and Social Media

How is social media impacting the digital natives? What are the addictions, alienations and ways of being of those who live at the speed of light?

  • Hearing from the Next Generation

What are some struggles the next generation face with digital technology? How is the next generation using digital technology in ministry?

The Digitization of Singapore

Singapore aspires to be a ‘Smart Nation’ and a global leader in digital transformation. There are many attendant challenges and opportunities for society; so too for the Church, especially in the areas of pastoring, discipleship, witness and service.

Being Church in a Digital World 

In this two-part series, best practices are shared from around the world on how the Church could address emerging technology trends, with a special focus on Singapore and the region. 

Apologetics in a Digital Age/Contemporary Culture

Technology has opened up channels for spiritual conversations in digital spaces. How do we proclaim or defend our faith in this brave new world? 

Conference dates and timings

18 October 2019 (Fri), 9am to 9pm
19 October 2019 (Sat), 9am to 5pm
Two tea breaks and lunch provided on each day.

Conference fees
Both days - S$80
Sat session only - S$50

Special price: for full-time students (undergraduate level and below), NSFs, and members of sponsoring churches)
Both days - S$50
Sat session only - S$30

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This event is brought to you by BGST, Bethesda (Katong) Church, CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology, and INDIGITOUS.

Location: Bethesda (Katong) Church – [Sanctuary] 17 Pennefather Rd, Singapore 424441
Lecturer : Jonas Kurlberg
Jonas is Programme Manager of the MA in Digital Theology at CODEC, University of Durham. Jonas received his PhD from the University of Bergen and was most recently a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Edinburgh. His research interests fall broadly within public theology and the nexus between Christianity, church and society.
Lecturer : Pete Phillips
Pete Phillips is Director of the CODEC Research Centre, University of Durham. With a PhD in John’s Gospel and many years’ experience of teaching/researching the New Testament, Pete now explores the interface between all things digital and theological.
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