Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith Vol. II

Book Launch Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith Vol. II
20 July 2019

Carmel Men for Christ (CMfC) was launched in 2012 to encourage brothers to nurture a Christian Worldview based on (1) what the bible says about the roles of men as husbands, fathers, workers etc; (2) how God is working in the world today - in the marketplace, missions, world events etc; and (3) how God works in the lives of men wherever He puts them. More than 40 men shared monthly on topics straddling these 3 key areas. Vol I, containing 21 talks, was published in 2016 and has sold 1500 copies. Vol II contains another 22 talks under 4 headings ie God Shaping Us; God Meeting Our Needs; God in the Workplace and God in the World. For book orders and purchase, please contact

Location: Mt Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church
Lecturer : Ho Peng Kee
Ho Peng Kee
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