NT160-OLBiblical Archaeology and the New Testament

NT160-OL : Biblical Archaeology and the New Testament (1.5 Credit)
Academic Year : all year round
About this course

This course will take students on an unforgettable journey to various archaeological sites through visual presentations, and examine various inscriptions, numismatics, buildings, and other artefacts related to the New Testament. The primary focus of the course will be on investigating the connection between archaeological evidence and selected passages of the New Testament, and showing how a proper understanding of the historical, cultural, linguistic, and political background of the 1st Century can help us be better interpreters of the Scripture.

There will also be practical sessions on how we can appropriately apply what we have learnt in reading the New Testament by taking archaeological evidence into account.

Lecturer : Lim Kar Yong
Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong is Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Director of Postgraduate Studies, and Director of the Centre for Bible Engagement at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Seremban.
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