12– 18 November 2007

Issue No. 43          

Text Box: Say “hello” to Venusa Tinyi ...

Text Box: who is new among our students. He’s been in Singapore for only  a couple of months but is already an envious fan of our public libraries. How it shames us to know we take them for granted. Venusa, on the other hand, wishes he had something like them in his own country when he was growing up. So where exactly is he from? Let him tell  you himself …

“I was born in a remote village in Nagaland (India), the second youngest in the family of seven children. I lost my father in a very tragic manner some 9 years ago but my mother is still alive and active; she is in her late sixties. 

I grew up in a town called Dimapur in Nagaland where I finished secondary school and college. Then I went to Hyderabad to pursue a higher degree. I obtained my MA in Philosophy from the University of Hyderabad. Following that I received a fellowship from the University Grant Commission to pursue my doctoral studies in Philosophy (in Logic). By God's grace, I submitted my
PhD thesis in May 2007.  I am now waiting to be called by the university to defend my thesis.

I have diverse interests. I love painting and poetry and I express myself through them Though I love and have studied music (Western music - theory and history - and church music for two years in college) I could not commit myself to music for several reasons. However, I am still in touch with the guitar and the Indian flute. I would like to do painting more seriously in the future.

I came to know the Lord personally when I was still a boy at one of the summer Vacation Bible Schools. Some time later, I attended a youth camp and dedicated my life to Christ. However, even prior to these encounters my mother had introduced me to Christ. She is a devout believer and used to tell us Bible stories including stories of how the Lord had done wonderful things in her life. It is through the prayers and encouragement of my mother that I have been so much inspired to study theology.

I came to know about BGST last year through Peter Jamir, a Naga missionary in India based in Hyderabad, who did his Grad DipCS from BGST in 2001. Since then, I have been praying to come to BGST. Praise God – He answered my prayer. Dr. Quek is instrumental for my coming here and I thank God for his life and ministry, particularly his burden for the people in the Third World countries.

After my studies, I hope to go back and serve my people in Nagaland. I want to involve myself mainly in a writing and research ministry. In addition to our poor biblical foundation, there is hardly any local
literature to inspire and encourage the growth of the Christian faith. Nagas have been unable to integrate Christian values in daily life. And this explains the corruption and other socio-political problems of all sorts that is rife despite the fact that over 90% of Nagas profess to be Christians. This is where my heart and calling is as of now. I pray that God will open the door for me to serve Him and my people.”

Sometimes it is difficult for us to realize that the conveniences and privileges we enjoy as Singaporeans is a level of comfort not often experienced by most people in other Asian countries. So to have students among us who appreciate the free coffee and tea at BGST as Venusa does is itself a contribution to our community for they open our eyes to the reality of our own lifestyle and make us pause to think of theirs.  This observation is not to instill false guilt, but only to remind us to be more sensitive and responsive to other people and their situations.

Studying together with students from different Asian countries is a wonderful opportunity for local students to learn about life where they come from. Perhaps those of us who have yet to make friends with our international students will soon make up for lost time!

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