22—28 October 2007

Issue No. 40

If you weren’t there this is what you missed ...

There was an ice-cream eating contest ... use your imagination for this one ...


Kenny conducted a photo quiz of things and places, familiar yet strange ... a good test of observation and memory ...


Then there was the BIG one ... alas, unity and brotherliness quickly went out the window. It was, after all, a fight to the end ... water bombs, moving targets, defending shields ... all the stuff of warfare. Take a look ...





Being welcomed with great personal service! Your name written large, and tagged for games and prizes.

Being reminded by Dr Aquila Lee, faculty in charge of student affairs, that unity among the kindred is as pleasant as ...

music joyously and enthusiastically made ...

songs sung in perfect unison ...

minds co-operating to get the right answers ...

Being well fed ... lunch came late, but it was plentiful. If you want a good caterer, remember Linda of Manna Pot!


Then on with the games ... A race involving ballons .... talk about “unity” ... here two had to become one!

So if you had missed our very first SANE (Student and Alumni Network) organized SportsNFun Day, don’t despair. There should be another one next year. In the meantime between now and then we shall be out getting one and all in- SANE and trying to energise student life at BGST.


It leaves us to say a very big “thank you” to all who came to share the day together and to all who donated so generously towards the prizes, all of which are hugely appreciated.


May we never forget that “fun” is part of our life together at BGST!

- The SANE Committee


Text Box: Chapel Summary: 17th October

Dr. Augustine Pagolu spoke on Isaiah 54:1–5, verses which form part of the message of consolation and deliverance in Isaiah 40–55, and which look forward to the return of the exiles from Babylon to Judah.


They follow the famous section describing the sacrificial death of the Servant in Isaiah 52:13–53:12, and thus spell out some of the results of the Servant’s self-offering. Isaiah 54:1–5 is a passage which particularly seems to address churches which are struggling in numbers and resource, or theological educators overwhelmed with the training needs of the church in different parts of the world.


Dr. Pagolu brought out three main points: (1) that God is willing to restore his people and to bring about their growth, and so the church should prepare for growth; (2) that God is able to bring about the promised growth, so that we need have no doubts about the fulfilment of the promises; (3) and that God’s people are secure in his eternal love. No matter insignificant or despised the church may be in some parts of the world today, Christians can look forward to a day when their shame will be taken away, just as the exiles were in due course rescued from the humiliation of exile in Babylon.


(Dr Philip Satterthwaite)

Text Box: Weekly Highlights
Text Box: Special Announcements
In connection with last week’s book review, you might be interested in attending the following:
The Emerging Church Seminar
Speaker: Professor D. A. Carson
Date/Day: Friday 26th Oct 2007
Time: 2.00 - 3.30 pm
Place: 4th Floor Worship Hall, 
Block 7
Singapore Bible College
9-15 Adam Road, 
Singapore 289886
Admission: Free

Due to server problems you might have been unable to register online for Prof James Houston’s talks. If so kindly send an email to bgst@pacific.net.sg indicating your name and number of persons accompanying you.


                          BGST Fundraising

                    Dinner 2007



Our Lord is to be praised and worship, come what may. Things may seem stagnant for now, but we can still praise Him. We just have to simply trust in the goodness of God to see to the completion of His good works. Let’s entrust the dinner again to God to fill up the remaining 7 tables with concerned Christians who support our cause at BGST.


Please continue to intercede for the DOC to be meticulous to see to every detail for the night. Pray for good preparation, of speeches, of gift packs and even slideshows and uplifting music for the night. Help us raise up a team of prayer warriors to battle on in the spiritual warfare as the day draws near. Time is limited but our God’s power is not. We shall ever be drawing on God’s mighty power for strength and endure to the end! THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH & OUR SHIELD!


(Jolene Tan) 


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