10—16 September 2007

Issue No. 34

Now, about October 20th …..

We are finally ready to spill the beans on this very IMPORTANT day.

It isn’t really all that much of a mystery. It’s just that BGST maintains such a serious face, being a theological institution and

all, so letting down our hair demands some decidedly cautious planning and build up. We hope you’ve noticed the subtle way we’ve been trying to get your attention over the past weeks.

Now the thing is that some students have decided it’s time we arranged for recreational activities for everyone. It could be that the exacting regime at BGST is getting to them … all that study, study, study! And they really need a good break from their routine.

Anyway, a few individuals (mostly full-time students) got together with Dr Aquila Lee who has charge of students/alumni affairs and they came up with this fabulous idea to get the whole school together for a day of fun.

Initially it was supposed to be a simple Sports Day where we could really get out there and sweat. Then as it usually happens, the idea metamorphosed  and eventually congealed into one of those “let’s make it a yearly affair” kind of thing.

So now we are launching the annual “Ugly Bug Ball”! Oops, sorry. I was confusing it with an event at my child-care centre. No, it’s our annual  “Family Day”, or is it “Fun and Games Day”,or perhaps it’s “Let Your Hair Down Day”. We’ve had trouble coming up with the right name for the occasion. But you get the picture...

So, folks, remember October 20th. It’s a Saturday, so you have no excuse not to be free. If you’re reading this,  you’re invited to join everyone at BGST for a time of fun and fellowship. And we mean everyone—staff, faculty, council, friends, supporters, donors and  the most important of them all, the students. And bring along everyone who’s special to you. No, the dog doesn’t count!

This is what to expect:

A day for everyone at BGST to get to know each other over a meal, games, and plenty of time for chit-chat. There will be organized fun telematch type games. For the more serious players there will be “proper” games such as tennis and basket-ball.  You could also swim in a gorgeous pool. Your kids can enjoy themselves in a “ball”-room and there are also arcade games for them if they’re into those sort of things.

The idea, of course, is that we would be able to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere. We really have so few opportunities to do this. Most of our students are part-time, and meet only at lectures. Full-time students find it hard to get to know them well too because of lack of interactive times. So really setting a day aside to relax with each other is a good thing. We hope you will join in and see BGST in a different light.









Here are some details:


Aloha Loyang, 159W Jalan Loyang Besar, Bungalow #1



A shuttle bus is available on the hour at Pasir Ris MRT Stn. It starts running at 9 am. We will give more details about transport arrangements at a later date.



You are welcome to spend the whole day. Lunch will begin at 12 pm, followed by a time of group games. In the later afternoon, you may swim, walk, or play your own games . In the bungalow there will be board games and other activities. Since there are 4 bedrooms, you may even take a snooze! If you have ideas to contribute as to what fun things we could do please come right up and let us know.  We expect to be done by late afternoon but those who wish to may stay on till late.



We’re appealing for donations of prizes for the games. If you have items you can spare lying around at home that might be useful to others why not donate them? Of course we’d prefer these to be new and unused. Small electrical items, stationery, computer devices, CDs …. any of such things.



Please indicate your intention to come by dropping us an email at sportsday@bgst.edu.sg. If you could also let us have the number coming it would be helpful.


People to contact if you should have queries:

Dr Aquila Lee, Ng Boon Thian, Kenny Tan, Wong Choon Yew, Samuel Kim and, yours truly. 


So, do give this BGST SportsNFun Day (yes, I think we shall call it that!) serious consideration. It won’t be the same without you. So come, join us! 

(Pauline Koe)