We are glad to announce BGST's
Master of Arts in Education for Christian Formation 
and Graduate Diploma in Education for Christian Formation (Grad. Dip ECF)

The Master of Arts / Graduate Diploma in Education for Christian Formation is designed for pastoral workers, lay leaders, para-church workers and missionaries to equip themselves and others for their educational roles both within and outside the local church context.

What makes the Master of Arts / Graduate Diploma in Education for Christian Formation degree distinctively Christian and Educational? The study programme is built on sound biblical and theological foundations integrated with applications of social sciences to bridge the authority of Scripture (know the Word) and the context of the ministry (know the World). The foundational requirements seek to provide participants with a scriptural philosophy of education and spiritual formation, and the skills-related courses aim to develop competencies in teaching, discipling, educational administration, curriculum construction, research methodology, programme development and evaluation.



A Master痴 candidate must complete 60 credits, or 54 credits and an Educational Research Project or Educational Ministry Project not exceeding 20,000 words.  

Foundational Core  (18 credits)
OT101 Old Testament Foundations I (3)
OT102 Old Testament Foundations II (3)
NT101 New Testament Foundations I (3)
NT102 New Testament Foundations II (3)
TS101 The Christian Faith (3)
HE101 Biblical Hermenuetics & Interpretation (3)

Educational Core (24 credits)
Educational Ministry of the Church (3)
ECF501  Human Development & Spiritual Formation (3)
ECF502  Children's Spirituality & Ministry Formation (3)
ECF503  Spirituality for Christian Formation (3)
ECF510  Educational Planning & Management (3)
ECF511  The Craft of Teaching  (1.5)
ECF512  Facilitating Adult Learning (1.5)
ECF520  Research Methods & Ministry: Qualitative (3)
ECF521  Research Methods & Ministry: Quantitative (3)

Educational Electives (12 credits)
ECF504 Spirituality Retreat Experience: Nature, Purpose & Dynamics (3)
ECF513 Building Strong Families in the Local Church (3)
ECF514 Scripture Recitation & Story Telling (1.5)
ECF522 Educational Research Project (6)   


ECF523 Educational Ministry Project (6) 
ECF515/CO358 Counselling Skills: Working with Children (1.5)

ECF516/CO359) - Counselling Skills: Working with Adolescents (1.5)
ECF524 Educational Seminar: Learning from Field Experience (3)

General Electives (6 credits)
Students can select courses from any area of the BGST curriculum. Prior approval may be needed for certain courses.


(Grad. Dip ECF)

Students who enroll in the Graduate Diploma must complete 30 credits in the following:

Foundational Core    15 credits:
(OT101, NT101 or NT102, TS101, HE101, ECF500/CE101)
Selection from Educational Core  9 credits
Selection from Educational Electives  6 credits


    Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution or the equivalent with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0.

    The applicant must have at least two years of work experience.

    Applicants who have an undergraduate degree in biblical or theological studies may be able to transfer credits from their previous course-work. Applications should be made in writing to the Registrar, and must be accompanied by the relevant transcripts and other documentation.

    Applicants may enroll on a full-time or a part-time basis. All foreign students must register a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester.


     A Graduate Diploma candidate must complete 30 credits. The GPA requirement is 2.8.

     A Master痴 candidate must complete 60 credits or 54 credits and an Educational Research Project or Educational Ministry Project. The GPA Requirement is 3.0.

The maximum period of time for the completion of the MA degree is 72 months and 36 months for the Graduate Diploma from the commencement of the programme.


Aquila Lee 
PhD, Aberdeen University, U.K.
Augustine Pagolu
PhD, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, The Open University, U.K.
Ng Peh Cheng
PhD, Michigan State University, U.S.A.
Philip Satterthwaite
PhD, University of Manchester, U.K.
Quek Swee Hwa
PhD, University of Manchester, U.K.

Chen Ai Yen
PhD, Indiana University, U.S.A
Chong Ser Choon
MTh, Regent College, Canada
Danny Goh
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, U.S.A
Hong Seok Ai
MA, National Institute of Education/Nanyang    Technological University, Singapore
Katherine Yip
MA, Michigan State University, U.S.A.
MSc, California State University, U.S.A.

To receive further information, please contact:
Dr Ng Peh Cheng
BGST, 31 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088454
Tel: 65-62276815  Fax: 65-62276816
Email: ngpc@bgst.edu.sg

Introducing ...

We continue with our review of journals currently received by BGST Library. This week we highlight


Themelios in Greek means 素oundation of a building, a congregation, or 素undamental basis for something. The idea is that this Journal would serve in reminding and teaching about Christian foundations. Its original aim was to help the 喪eligious and theological students fellowship (RTSF, theological associates of IFES) to stay firm in their evangelical faith and not be swept away by the theological trends of the universities and colleges in the UK. Now its influence is not confined to the UK alone as it continues to serve students of theology all over the world by addressing a whole range of questions from biblical studies to theology to religion and missions. Its articles are often written by experienced scholars and theologians, with a considerable place devoted to reviews. Even if you have no time to read the articles it would greatly benefit just to browse through the reviews where you will find not only latest publications being reviewed, but also something in the area of your own interest. See for instance the current issue (Jan 2007) carries articles on 薦vangelism and social action, 叢reaching from the 都ermon to the Hebrews, 叢astoral issues raised by open theism, and lastly 選s there 杜ission in the OT? If you want to keep yourself up to date with the current issues in theology, this journal is for you.    (AP)

News Bits 

1. New Admissions.
Grad. Dip.CS

    Ng Shih Chih, Alvina, is a member of Covenant Evangelical Free Church and her ministry experience includes Missions and Sunday School teaching. She is a graduate of the National University of Singapore (B. Soc. Sc.) and the National Institute of Education (Postgraduate Dip. In Ed.). She now works as a free-lance teacher and writes enrichment curriculum materials.

MTh in Biblical Studies

    Immanuel, after his MDiv, has served as an assistant pastor for a local church that was instrumental in planting over a dozen churches in the area. Immanuel will return to his church after his studies here and will be looking after training and leadership needs of those churches.

    Joseph Dakhum had his MDiv from BGST earlier and has since been involved in church planting and ministerial training in Yangon. Presently he, along with six others, has been running a Bible School in Yangon. Now he has come back to upgrade his training and he feels that to get into an MTh programme is a good idea as this help him do better in training others in Myanmar.

    Joy Pappachan, has been sent to us from Jubilee Memorial Bible College (JMBC), Chennai, where he also did his MDiv. Then he worked as an evangelist for several years. He will go back to JMBC to teach in their MDiv program.

    Khamh Cungnung, after his MDiv, has been working with Gospel For Asia Bible College (GFA) as Academic Dean. GFA is keen to train him in Biblical Studies so that he would go back and train others in Yangon.

2. 16th Convocation and Thanksgiving Service

BGST students who hope to graduate at the forthcoming Convocation on June 30th are asked to inform BGST as quickly as possible. Please contact us even if you are uncertain whether you can complete your course requirements by then: we would rather hear from you now than wait until nearer the date. Students who have already submitted a written application to graduate may ignore this notice.
We are requesting that students intending to
graduate on 30th June submit all uncompleted assignments by 31st May at the latest. Please contact Dr. P.E. Satterthwaite to announce your intention to graduate and for any other information you require about the Convocation.

3. Condolences. BGST council, faculty and staff extend their heartfelt condolences to Wong Ee Kian on the demise of her mother.
4. Chapel speakers for the next two weeks are Wong Chong Yew (May 16) and Song Young Hak (May 23)

 A Blessed Birthday to

Dr Atomic Leow  8/5
Mr Daniel Jew  8/5
Ms Magdalene Chng  8/5
Mr Joshua Cheng  9/5
Ms Tamilarasi  9/5
Mr Lim Hong Kian  9/5
Mrs Chong Swee Kuan  11/5
Dr Chan Kit Yee  12/5
Mr Lim Tanguy Yuteck  12/5
Mr Loy Chin Fen  12/5
Mrs Goh Hong Kheng  12/5
Ms Chong Lee Shiar  14/5
Mr Patrick Sum  14/5

Mr Lim Chin Keng  15/5
Dr Chew Wee  15/5
Mrs Pauline Koe  16/5
Mr Cheong See Hock  17/5
Mr Chin Joong Fui  17/5
Ms Lee Yee Ming  17/5
Mr Ng Kok Beng  18/5
Dr Jeffrey Loh  19/5
Mdm Tan Soh Hiang  19/5
Ms Huo Yin San  19/5
Mr Grace Lim  19/5
Ms Elaine Teoh  20/5
Mrs Molly Chua  20/5

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