A Word from the Dean

June is an absolutely busy month of the year in Singapore. And is also supposed to be a time when the schools are on vacation. BGST is no exception. We are having a semester break and many are away either on holiday or attending church camps. Some of our students are busily writing their Greek examination and we are renovating our campus at No. 31 Tanjong Pagar Road. And some of us may need to have another holiday before the Second Semester descends upon us!

Our Finances

We thank Almighty God for the gifts received to enable us to renovate and outfit the ground (or first) floor and the fourth floor. When this is finished we shall invite you to drop by and see what we have done to the place. We want especially to thank our donors who have made it possible for this long-awaited work to begin.  

But we want to draw to your attention the needs in our operational expenses. These have dipped somewhat and we hope that you will not forget to support the work of BGST with a regular pledge. If 500 persons can give $100 each every month we will be able to cover our operational expenses. Let’s pray that God will supply our operational needs and we can then focus on the important task of training the laity (and full-time) workers in God’s work.

Prof. Shepherd and Dr Deininger

We are excited that in June and July we shall have two guest lecturers who will teach short, intensive courses in BGST. It is the aim of BGST to bring the best of theological scholarship to the laity in Singapore so that we can have the opportunity to receive the kind of training that enables our country to be an educational hub in Asia, providing opportunities for our students to receive a top class education in Singapore without having to go overseas. Both guest lecturers are distinguished scholars who have much to share with the Christian world and we welcome them to BGST.

Our Transdenominational Emphasis

We are happy to be offering a course on John Wesley by an authority on the legacy of this great man of God. Those who have read the sermons of Wesley will appreciate the breadth of his scholarship and the depth of his insights. Our teaching faculty also come from various denominational backgrounds and our students represent more than fifty churches in Singapore. We have a few international students, too few in my opinion. Our Mission brings us close to the work of campus ministries (IFES), graduate students (GCF), Bible translation work (Wycliffe  Bible Translators), and tentmaking ministries. We also have a burden to help thinking laity Christians see how every area of life can come under the searchlight of the Word of God, as we encourage Christians to reflect theologically on what they are doing in their work and calling. We aim at an unfettered curriculum that does not compartmentalize the scope of religious knowledge but sees all of life coming under the scrutiny of God’s Word. We need to apply God’s truths in emergent situations and address issues not confronted in the history of Christianity. But we are not free to alter the time-tested truths of historical Christianity.  We may be divided into the nooks and corners of our denominational churches, but there within the ‘visible church’ we are brought together into the fellowship of believers in Jesus. BGST exists to serve the churches and the people of God. We join all who faithfully proclaim the truths of the Gospel. The Apostle Paul was spot on when he emphasized the need to proclaim a Gospel that is not different from what he was vociferously proclaiming during his Gentile Mission. May God help us to do likewise. 


  1. Staff on Leave. Rev Ng Seng Chuan (7 to 9 June, church camp); Serene Woon (8 & 9 June, church camp); Leong Kok Weng (12 to 14 June); Dr Aquila Lee (overseas, 12 to 16 June); Dr Quek Swee Hwa (12 to 14 June, church camp); Dr Augustine Pagolu (overseas, 19 to 23 June, IFES Board Meeting).

  2. Dr Atomic Leow. We praise God for the recognition Atomic has received for his groundbreaking hydroponics research. His interview has been featured by Channel News Asia in their web site: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/video/index.htm on 16 May 2006 under the heading of “Temasek Poly pioneers technology to grow vegetables at lower cost”.  

  3. Mr Song Cheng Hock writes: “After much deliberation and prayer, I have decided to tender my resignation with BGST. It was a difficult decision as I have always enjoyed teaching and working with the exceptional BGST community. However, I have to put my sentiments aside as I believe the Lord has called me back to the pastoral ministry. I will always be grateful for the opportunity of serving with my wonderful colleagues and interacting with our remarkable students. I will treasure the continuing friendship with BGST and am open to teaching again as and when the Lord leads.” Response by the Dean: We wish Cheng Hock well in his pastoral ministry and are glad to note that he is open to returning to teaching at BGST God willing in the not too distant future. Please note that Mr Yam Keng Mun will be teaching CO210 Counsellor Development: Personal Framework for Biblical Counselling (3 credits) and also a short module on Dealing With Stress in the TENT course.

  4. Changes to Term 3 course schedule

    The Christian Faith

    (TS101, 3 credits, video class) by Dr Quek Swee Hwa. The orientation date has been scheduled to July 17 (Monday), 8.00-9.30pm, at 31 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 2nd floor. Subsequent tutorial dates will be discussed in class. 

    Introduction to Church History 

    (CH101, 3 credits, video class) by Dr Quek Swee Hwa. The orientation date is on 22 July (Saturday), 5.30-7.00pm, at 4 Bishan St 13, 3rd floor, Room #3-08. Subsequent tutorial dates will be discussed in class. 

    “Introduction to the Theology of John Wesley” by Prof. Victor Shepherd which is scheduled from 14-17 June (9am-12noon) will be held at Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church, 152 West Coast Rd, ACE Room (#03-05/05), 3rd floor.


Dr Eileen Poh of the Discipleship Training Centre led worship at chapel on May 31 and we were blessed with a challenging message by her on “Dining with Jesus.”

Chapel for the  following weeks will start with a “Prayer Chapel” (Admin Office i/c, on June 14), followed for the next two months by chapel messages from our alumni and students: Dr Atomic Leow (June 21), Mr Andrew Lee (June 28), Mr Peter Lim (July 5), Pastor Alby Yip (July 12), Mr Clive Lim (July 19), Mr Chris Chin (July 26), Mr Hosea Lai (Aug 2), no  chapel on National Day (Aug 9), Dr Tan Lai Yong (Aug 16) and Mr Benny Fang (Aug 23). 
We look forward to hearing our alumni who will be sharing with us about their ministries and studies. You are most welcome to join us at chapel every Wednesday, 12noon-12.45pm, at 31 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 2nd floor.

A Blessed Birthday to ... 

Dr Tan See Seng  12/6
Ms Janette Koh  13/6
Mr Ronald How  13/6
Ms Sandra Heng  13/6
Mr James Ong  14/6
Ms Rebecca Lee  14/6
Dr Quek Swee Hwa  15/6

Mdm Davida Muk  15/6
Ms Bernadette Jesu  15/6

Dr Cheng Ching Keng  17/6
Elder Steven Gan  17/6
Mr Loke Wai Leong  17/6
Mr Daniel Ng  18/6
Mr Yong Pin Yoon  18/6
Mdm Eva Fong  18/6
Mr Gordon Goh  18/6
Mr Loke Mun Tai  18/6

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