Oliver Barclay’s “Developing a Christian Mind - New Revised Version” 
(Edited by Geoffrey Stonier; Scotland: 
Christian Focus, 2006)

Oliver Barclay’s “Developing a Christian Mind” is a real gem. If you have not read this title before, you MUST! If you have already read it when it was first published in 1984, I am sure you will welcome this present version edited by Geoffrey Stonier. Stonier has revised the first edition of this title into simplified English but has been careful to retain the sense of Barclay’s original wording and ‘deculturalised’ the content to make it relevant to the readers in India, Sri Lanka, Asia, and Africa! Furthermore, he includes some brief explanation of the technical words used and has some discussion questions at the end. So whether you are reading this book for personal edification or using it in your church group, the new revised edition of Barlcay’s “Developing a Christian Mind” is for you.

That the New Testament included the word “mind” as a crucial part of our love for God shows the important role of the mind in our Christian devotion and service (Compare Deut 6:4 with Mk 12:30). Yet many Christians (Western and Asian alike) tend to put feeling before thinking. The lack of Christian thinking on issues beyond the fundamentals of the gospel has rendered our Christian experience “inadequate and deeply at fault” (p. 17). It impairs our Christian influence in the world in which the Christian views of marriage, family life, money, truth, and honesty are challenged and even marginalised (p. 23). This state of affairs calls for a change of mind. Barclay warns, “If we do not worship and serve God with a renewed mind, we will fail in worship as well as in daily life, and in other aspects of service” (p. 17). Hence, the need for a Christian mind or a renewed mind cannot be overemphasised.

But what is a Christian mind? Barclay defines a Christian mind as “a whole Christian outlook that controls our life and our thinking.” It is practical, devotional, as well as intellectual and seeks to honour God through right thinking and living without being moulded by the world’s preoccupation (pp. 22-24). At this juncture, Barclay explores in four chapters how the Bible provides us with the framework for a Christian outlook, and how within that framework we are responsible to live out our Christian faith with creative freedom. Essentially, God’s revealed truth is the bedrock for a Christian mind: “What makes a Christian mind distinctly Christian is its dependence on God’s revelation” (p. 37). Barclay’s treatment of this topic is enlightening! But he does not stop here. He believes that an accurate understanding of the role of man is important to our practical living (p. 100). Thus, he devotes one chapter to examine the doctrine of man and discuss its wide practical implications in areas such as Christian and secular views of man, the role of the state, marriage, education, family, life in society, and animals and the environment. In the last two chapters of the book, Barclay shows how the renewed mind can enable us to capture more ground for Christ in our lives and in society by providing us an insightful discussion on issues such as work, job, and unemployment and also on the issue of culture. On this last topic Barclay outlines a constructive Christian view of culture that will help us towards a practical policy (pp. 101-147).

A.W.Tozer once said, “The best book is not one that informs merely, but one that stirs the reader up to inform himself” (“Some Thoughts on Books and Reading”). To this may I add, “… to inform himself through the Bible.” If Tozer is right, then Barclay’s “Developing a Christian mind” is definitely an excellent book to read and re-read because it makes you go back to the Bible to inform yourself! As you embrace the challenge to “gird up the loins of your mind,” let Barclay investigate with you how you should think in depth about your faith through God’s revealed truth. I heartily recommend this book.

We are grateful to Andrew Lee, an alumnus and tutor of BGST, for this review. We wish Andrew and his family well as he prepares to begin postgraduate studies in England later this year.


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