The discovery of a lost Third Century AD document entitled "The Gospel of Judas" has created a furore. The question is now being asked whether Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, was a villain or was he a hero who best understood who Jesus really was among the close circle of the twelve apostles of our Lord, as alleged by this Gospel. The Gospel of Judas was known to the church father or leader, Irenaeus of Lyons in 180 AD. Reflecting the view of the early church, Ireaneus stated that this Gospel was heretical. But recent discussion following the release of the text and translation of this document has reopened discussion on Judasís role at the crucifixion of Jesus. Furthermore, the teaching represented in this document strikes at the heart of the Good News that Jesus died on the Cross to save man from condemnation.

We would like to announce two events that will clear the air concerning how Christians should look at the evidence presented. Is there really a "crisis of faith" and a need to re-interpret radically the event of the Crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah?

You are cordially invited to ...

A Lunch-Time Talk

on Friday, April 28, 2006. from 12.45-1.25pm at Biblical Graduate School of Theology, No.31 Tanjong Pagar Road, 4th Floor, Our Teaching Faculty will address the question: "The Gospel of Judas - A Response"

A Public Seminar

on Saturday, May 13, 2006, from 4.00-6.00pm at No.4 Bishan Street 13, The BGST Faculty will speak on "The Gospel of Judas and Early Christianity".

Admission is free for both events.

on the Renovations and Out-Fitting Appeal

A week ago we launched an Appeal to prepare agora@BGST, our Tanjong Pagar campus for the long haul over the next two years as we concentrate on the repayment of our Building Loan. To date (20.4.06) 12 persons, excluding the Faculty and Staff of BGST have responded. We are grateful for the initial response and we appeal to those who are still making up their minds to help us conclude this Appeal. If you have no particular preference you might want to do what some have done and let us know the amount you are prepared to give and we will get back to you with a recommendation for your approval.

About a third of the items needed have been pledged. We are inviting students and others to sponsor items listed below either individually or together with others. If you wish to give a response kindly write to our Dean, Dr Quek Swee Hwa, at queksh@bgst.edu.sg and copy it to Serene Woon at admin@bgst.edu.sg.

This is what is still available, with some minor changes. Items which have already been donated have been deleted:

First Floor (Ground)


Fourth Floor


1.   Corridor and exterior   7.  Corridor and Access  
1.1 Corridor signage  1,200 7.1 Five acrylic signage guards - $150x5 750
1.2 Two illuminated signages - $1,400 x 2  2800 7.2 Four Ottoman benches - $200x4 800
1.3 Antique tiles - $70 x 8 560 7.3 Two plastic potted plants - $60x2 120
1.4 agora@BGST signage 800 7.4 Refreshments corner to cover hosereel 450
1.5 Canopy repairs 600 7.6 Light fixtures for the stairway to the attic 1,500


5,960 7.7 Lobby phone 160
2.   Commercial Section   7.8 Security cameras ($2,520) & install. ($1,470) 3,990
2.1 Bible lands sales cabinet 900


2.2 Two book sales cabinet - $1150x2 2,300 9.   Lecture Room #1 (large)  
2.3 Full height cabinet to conceal hosereel 1,200 9.1 Two tables - $200x2 400


4,400 9.2 Two chairs - $120x2 240
4.   Lending Collection - Front   9.4 Shelving (Reference Collection) 5,000
4.1 Reception counter 4,500 9.5 Martin Roland amplifier or equivalent 350
4.2 Storage cabinets behind Reception Counter 900 9.7 Forty-five chairs with flip-tops - $40x39 1,560
4.3 Plasma TV / LCD projector 4,500 9.8 Extra air-conditioning unit 1,400
4,4 Two Ottoman benches - $200x2 400 9.9 One lectern 770




5.      Lending Collection - Rear   12.   Attic  
5.2   Six bay-length shelves - $160x6 960 12.1 One door at the top of the staircase 800
5.3   Two long high tables - $960x2 1,920 12.2 One Pentium III notebook 1,340
5.4   Three high chairs - $150x3 450 12.3 Chair 120
5.5   Grille for cosy corner 250 12.4 Phone set & cabling 160
5.6   Partition for filing cabinets 350


5.7   Storage cabinets above copier & filing cab. 950    
5.8   Two Ottoman benches - $200x2 400    
5.9   Glass whiteboard 400    
5.10 OHP screen ceiling-mounted 120    



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