My apologies to those of you who have been awaiting this issue of BTW in vain. Owing to a misunderstanding that was entirely my own I did not realise that I was in charge of BTW for this month. I’m afraid I don’t have any Good Book to recommend to you this week either. But, making a virtue out of necessity, I would like to write about the Lunchtime Talks which BGST will be holding from the middle of June onwards.


We have decided to hold Lunchtime Talks for two main reasons. Firstly, because we realise that there seems to be a niche for such talks. A number of churches and other Christian organisations in central Singapore hold lunchtime talks or services on weekdays. These generally last between 45 minutes and one hour, and include either a Bible exposition or a talk on some aspect of Christianity, with the emphasis on practical Christian living. These talks are seem to be well attended. Clearly there are many Christians working in the city centre who welcome an opportunity for worship and teaching during the week. We would like to try to cater to some of these people. That is the first and major reason for these talks. Secondly, these talks will be a good way of making BGST better known to the Christian public. In these talks we will try to introduce some BGST distinctives: theological training for the whole people of God; sound biblical teaching combined with practical application; the developing of a Christian mind. We hope that some (many!) of those who attend the talks will want to register for our courses as well.


The talks will be held, until the end of 2005 at least, on Fridays, between 12.45 and 1.30 p.m., at BGST (31 Tanjong Pagar Road). The first of them will take place on June 17th, and they will continue until early December, when there will be a break until the New Year. We begin with two talks given by our guest lecturers Martin and Elizabeth Goldsmith, and then with a short series of talks in which some of our Faculty introduce themselves and their areas of specialisation.


The programme for the first six sessions, then, looks like this:


Jun 17 :   Title: ‘Radical Change in the Church Worldwide’

                 Speakers: Martin and Elizabeth Goldsmith


Jun 24 :     Title: ‘Mission at the Heart of the New Testament’

                 Speakers: Martin and Elizabeth Goldsmith


July 1 :     Title: ‘Why Study the Old Testament’

                Speaker: Philip Satterthwiate


July 8 :     Title: ‘Why Christian Education?’

                Speaker: Ng Peh Cheng


July 15:    Title: ‘Why Study Church History?’

                Speaker: Quek Swee Hwa


July 22 :    Title: ‘Why Study the New Testament?’

                 Speaker: Aquila Lee


The schedule for August has yet to be confirmed, but the following can be announced: in September I will be giving a series of talks on the Song of Songs, under the general title ‘Human Love and the Love of God’; in October Eileen Poh of Discipleship Training Centre will be giving three talks on 1 Peter under the title ‘Christians in a non-Christian World’; in November John Ting, Dean of Discipleship Training Centre, will address the topic of Marriage and Family, a topic on which he at present completing a book.


Within the next few days we hope to confirm the programme for the rest of 2005, and to send out publicity, but we hope that you will be able to play your part. If you are able to attend any of these talks, you are most welcome, and you can bring friends as well (it would be helpful if you could let us know in advance). If you know of any people (fellow church members, Christian friends) working in the centre of Singapore who might be interested in attending the talks, please let pass on the information as it becomes available. And finally, if there are topics you think it would be a good idea for us to deal with in these talks (or even a talk you want to give yourself), please let me know. Any suggestions will be most welcome.


And meanwhile, I must read a good book….


(Philip Satterthwaite)


We welcomed Rev Edward Chau of Woodlands Evangelical Fee Church at chapel on 11 May. Rev Chau spoke from 1 Peter 5:1-4.

Chapel Speaker on 18 May will be Dr Quek Swee Hwa.


1. New Admissions.
  •     Peter Chng Pee Teck is working toward the Master of Divinity at BGST. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree and has more than 15 years of experience as a Pastor in Singapore and overseas.
  •     Leong Che Yeong is a new student in the Dip. CS programme. He is a member of Bethesda Katong Church and an active lay leader in the teaching ministry and missions. He is a graduate of the National University of Singapore (B.Sc.).

 2.      The Library books, a gift from Zion Bible Presbyterian Church, have arrived safely at Grace Bible College, Jamshedpur. Jubilee Memorial Bible College has also received the books we sent to them.

OPAC on the net and . . .

The BGST library catalogue is now available on the Internet for you to perform your bibliographical search. 

You can access this on the library homepage at or this direct url:

 Additional features are as follows:

  • Multiple access

  • Booking for available items up to 5 items for collection on next working day @ 12p.m.

  • Reservation for loan-out items up to 5 items for collection on next working day @ 12p.m.

  • Renewal of your items up to a maximum of 5 items (not available for those with fines exceeding $20)

  • Treasure chest to keep a record of your favourite items

  • Password protect for all users

Please contact the library staff @ 6227 6815 for your user ID and password.  More features will be announced in due course. We are grateful for a kind donor who has made this long overdue migration possible.


A Blessed Birthday to…

Mr Joshua Cheng  9/5

Mr Lim Hong Kian  9/5

Dr Chan Kit Yee  12/5

Mr Loy Chin Fen  12/5

Mr Chew Wee  15/5

Mr Lim Chin Keng  15/5

Mrs Rebecca Tay  15/5

Mrs Pauline Koe  16/5

Mr Cheong See Hock  17/5

Mr Ng Kok Beng  18/5

Dr Jeffrey Loh  19/5

Mdm Tan Soh Hiang  19/5

Ms Elaine Teoh  20/5

Mrs Molly Chua  20/5

Ms Catherine Ho  21/5

Prof. Daniel Chan  22/5

Mr Shi Pau Soon  22/5

Mdm Julia Ng  22/5


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