"Money, Sex And Power: The Challenge of the Disciplined Life" by Richard J Foster (Hodder & Stoughton 1985).

     Foster's "Money, Sex And Power," written in the mid-1980's, is a book which should be read by the present generation.  You may be a minister or the man-in-the-street; you will find this book informative and full of sound biblical advice.  This book, indeed, is a mine of information and has to be read again and again.
     "Money, sex and power No issues touch us more profoundly or universally.  No topics cause more controversy.  No human realities have greater power to bless or to curse.  No three things have been more sought after or are more in need of a Christian response" (p. 1).
     The author deals with money, sex and power with literary skill.  He places before us the pros and cons of each issue.  But his personal views and beliefs as a practicing Christian are evident throughout the book.  He quotes extensively from Scriptures to illustrate his views and yet does not impose them on the reader.  The reader is encourage to think through the issues from a Christian viewpoint and he gives "clues for ethical choices we must face daily."
     He deals both with the dark and light sides of money.  On the dark side, he emphasizes greed, vengeance and violence, and points the reader to simplicity which will lead us on to "the light side of money" which "inevitably leads to generosity, which leads to magnanimity, which leads to shalom" (p. 86).
     In dealing with sex Foster's main treatise is that if "Genesis affirms our sexuality, the Song of Solomon celebrates it."  He stresses the high view of sex.  This is what our Lord Jesus exhibited throughout His ministry.  In those days, the Jews were taught that if one did not commit adultery (in a physical sense) then it is all right.  But our Lord says, "I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matt. 5:28).  Even more drastic is His view on divorce (Matt. 19:6).  He develops a section on "Sexuality and Singleness" on pages 114 to 133 and develops the concept of fidelity (pp. 150-171) as "a vibrant, living adventure" (p. 171) for the single, the married, as well as for the church.  He concludes this section by stating that fidelity is an essential condition for unity and focus.
     "If money hits us in our pocketbook, and sex hits us in the bedroom, power hits us in our relationships," writes Foster.  He relies heavily on the Bible to illustrate these "destructive power" and explains how such powers and principalities can be identified.  And he goes on to suggest several ways of defeating them.
     Foster places creative power at the other end of the continuum and explains that such power can be put to better use.  He illustrates how 'power' plays a part in the ministry of Jesus and shows how the uneducated, simple disciples were empowered.
     This good book is only 248 pages.  And if you have not read it, it is one book you should not missed.  It is available from BGST Library (Ref.: LC 248.4 FOS).

(Reviewed by Dr John Lim)

An offer you will not want to refuse ...
Have you ever wondered whether or not a certain book is worth reading or buying? Well, if you would like one of our teaching Faculty to review a particular book, why not let us either see the book or give us the bibliographic information? If we agree to review it, there is only one condition: we would like you to donate the book to our library. Contact Dr Quek Swee Hwa at bgstdean@starhub.net.sg

Mrs Elizabeth Goldsmith spoke at Chapel last Wednesday, Jan 8, 2003.  She spoke on the Love of Jesus constraining and compelling us, with the conviction that in His death, our Lord Jesus involved all mankind so that those who believe might know that they must 'died' to sin and self, and beign to experience the new life in Christ. This new or resurrected life, as Jesus demonstrated in his resurrection from the dead, leads directly to eternal life for us. We can conquer death and be victorious over all that drags us down. We thank God for the challenge that came across powerfully from His Word and from the message given. 

Next's week's chapel  (on Jan 15th) will be taken by Mr Martin Goldsmith. We thank God for the long link that the Goldsmith have with our part of the world. They are no strangers to Singapore, having lived and ministered here, in Malaysia, Indonesia and now globally as they travel to many countries, to be precise, to a  new country each month as they are greatly used by God to many through their teaching, preaching and books.

  1. ATTENTION! Will all programme students please make careful note of the foundation and required courses?

  1. For students planning to graduate with the Dip CS in 2004, please register for the following required courses if you have not taken these previously:
    * NT101 NT Foundations 1 (commencing on 20 Jan, 7-8pm)
    * CE101 The Educational Ministry of the Church (commencing on 8 Apr, 7-10pm)

  2. For students planning to graduate with the MCS in 2004, please register for the following required courses in addition to those listed above if you have not taken these previously:
    * BG214 NT Greek: Basic Research Tools & Methods (commencing on 11 Jan, 5.30-7pm)
    * BH214 Biblical Hebrew: Basic Research Tools (commencing on 20 Jan, 8-10pm)
    *MM101 Vocation, Work & Ministry (commencing on 4 Mar, 7.30-9.30pm) 
    *GS117 Critical Analysis, Research & Writing (commencing on 27 Mar, 7.30-9.30pm. If you have taken GS114, GS115 or GS116 previously, please check with Dr Satterthwaite if you still need GS117)

  3. For students planning to graduate with the MDiv in 2004, please register for the following required courses in addition to those listed above if you have not taken these previously:
    *  ME101 Introduction to Evangelism & World Mission (commenced on 6 Jan, 7-10.30pm)
    * Greek & Hebrew language requirements. See Dr Quek or Dr Satterthwaite.   
    * CO101 Counselling: Self Awareness & Maturity in Christ (commencing on 29 Jan, 7-10pm)
    * AT325 Field Education (spans over one year; contact Dr Quek if you are interested.)

  1. PRAISE GOD, the courses taught by our Guest Lecturers started off encouragingly. 27 students registered for "Introduction to Evangelism & World Mission," and 48 for Contextualising the Gospel, both by Martin Goldsmith; 31 for Creative Writing by Elizabeth Goldsmith.

  2. YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO THE 12TH CONVOCATION OF BGST on Sat., Jan 18, at 4 Bishan St 13. The occasion starts off with a dinner at 6 pm, followed by the Convocation at 7 pm.

God's Richest Blessings To Our Birthday Stars!

Dn Raymond Tcheau  7/1
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