A Warm Welcome to Mr & Mrs Martin Goldsmith,
our Distinguished Guest Lecturers!

Good Books ImageSwindoll, Charles R. (1997). "Restoration" in The Quest For Character
Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan.

     When the twelve returned from a busy time of public ministry, they gave their reports and told Jesus all they had done and taught (Mark 6:30).  I think it is extremely significant that our Lord did not push them right back into action or hurry them on to another assignment. Matter of fact, we never read that He "rushed" anywhere. Not on your life!
     He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while." (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.) And they went away in the boat to a lonely place by themselves (Mark 6:31-32).
Renewal and restoration are not luxuries; they are essentials. Being alone and resting for a while is not selfish; it is Christ-like. Taking your day off each week or rewarding yourself with a relaxing, refreshing vacation is not carnal; it's spiritual. There is absolutely nothing enviable or spiritual about a coronary or a nervous breakdown, nor is an ultra busy schedule necessarily the mark of a productive life. I often remind myself of the ancient Greek motto, "You will break the bow if you keep it always bent."
     Well ... how's it going in your life? Let's take a brief appraisal. Pause long enough to review and reflect. Try to be honest as you answer these questions. They may hurt a little.

  • Is my pace this year really that different from last year?

  • Am I enjoying most of my activities or just enduring them?

  • Have I deliberately taken time on several occasions this year for personal restoration?

  • Are my meals choked down or do I take sufficient time to taste and enjoy my food?

  • Do I give myself permission to relax, to have leisure, to be quiet?

  • Would other people think I am working too many hours and/or living under too much stress? Am I occasionally boring and often preoccupied?

  • Am I staying physically fit? Do I consider my body important enough to maintain a nourishing diet, to give it regular exercise, to get enough sleep, to shed those excess pounds?

  • How is my sense of humor?

  • Is God being glorified by the schedule I keep ... or is He getting the leftovers of my energy?

  • Am I getting dangerously close to "burnout"?

     Tough stuff, huh? Yet what better time than right now to do a little evaluating ... and, if necessary, some restructuring of our lives. We can learn a lesson from nature. A period of rest always follows a harvest; the land must be allowed time to renew itself. Constant production without restoration depletes resources and, in fact, diminishes the quality of what is produced.
     Superachievers and workaholics, take heed! If the light on your inner dashboard is flashing red, you are carrying too much too far too fast. If you don't pull over, you'll be sorry ... and so will all those who love you. If you are courageous enough to get out of that fast lane and make some needed changes, you will show yourself wise. But I should warn you of three barriers you will immediately face.
     First, false guilt. By saying no to the people to whom you used to say yes, you'll feel twinges of guilt. Ignore it! Second, hostility and misunderstanding from others. Most folks won't understand your new decisions or your slower pace, especially those who are in the sinking boat you just stepped out of. No problem. Stick by your guns. Third, you'll encounter some personal and painful insights. By not filling every spare moment with another activity, you will begin to see the real you, and you'll not like some of those things you observe, things that once contaminated your busy life. But within a relatively brief period of time, you will turn the corner and be well on the road to a happier, healthier, freer, and more fulfilling life. Furthermore, your quest for character will get back on track.
     Obviously, all this stuff on rest and renewal, taking some time off and relaxing, can be taken to a ridiculous extreme. I'm well aware of that. But for every person who will gravitate to that extreme and rust out, there are thousands more of us who have a much greater battle with burnout. Neither extreme is correct - either way, we are "out."
     My desire is that all of us remain "in." In balance. In our right minds. In good health. In the will of God.
Are you?

  1. Courses by Mr & Mrs Goldsmith:

  • Introduction to Evangelism & World Mission by Mr Martin Goldsmith, commencing 6 Jan

  • Contextualizing the Gospel by Mr Martin Goldsmith, commencing 7 Jan

  • Creative Writing by Mrs Elizabeth Goldsmith, commencing 7 Jan

  1. Change of Commencement Dates. This notice is for all students of BG111, BG211 and BG214. Please note that classes will commence one week later on 11 Jan instead of 4 Jan. Time remains unchanged.

  2. Other Courses Commencing in Term 1:

  • Better Speech for Leadership & Ministry (NSC, commencing 8 Jan)

  • New Testament Foundations I (video class, QSH, commencing 20 Jan)

  • Biblical Hebrew I (PES, commencing 20 Jan)

  • Teaching & Discipling Through Small Groups (NPC, commencing 21 Jan)

  • Themes from Proverbs (PES, commencing 23 Jan)

  • Self Awareness & Maturity in Christ (Mr Yam Keng Mun, commencing 29 Jan)

  • Masters of the Pulpit (NSC, commencing 5 Feb)

  • The Gospel of Luke (JL, commencing 7 Feb)

  • Personal Ministry Skills (TENT module, Mr J Cortes, commencing 4 Feb)

  • Clearing the Fog from the Pulpit to the Pew: Biblical Preaching by Dr Alvin Low, commencing 10 Feb

  • Understanding Culture (TENT module, NPC, commencing 4 Mar)

Legend: QSH - Dr Quek Swee Hwa, PES - Dr Philp Satterthwaite, NPC - Dr Ng Peh Cheng, JL - Dr John Lim, NSC - Rev Ng Seng Chuan.

  1. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Andrew Lee Boon Hui on the arrival of their firstborn, Master Raynen Lee, on 21 Dec 2002.

  2. Convocation & Thanksgiving Service. You are warmly invited to join us on 18th Jan (Saturday), 6pm,  as we rejoice with the graduands and thank God for the successful completion of their studies.

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