In 2007, a group of BGST students organised the first BGST Family Day. The event was well-attended and fostered a deeper sense of camaraderie between students. This led to a similar event the following year. Relationships continued to grow as some students brought food to class to share during the break and others had end-of-class dinners as a time of closure and farewell.

In January 2014, a formal alumni network was established by BGST. The organising committee was called the Alumni Resource Team (ART). Since then, ART and BGST have worked together, providing support for one another.

For over 10 years, the Alumni Students’ Network (ASN) (formerly ‘Alumni Resource Network' (ARN)) has facilitated community life within BGST. Led by our Alumni Resource Team, ASN continues to find new ways of linking alumni and students, offering opportunities to integrate faith, work, and life and providing platforms for mentorship among alumni and students. Want to be part of this community? Then join us today! Join the BGST Alumni Student Network Whatsapp group HERE for regular updates!

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