Prayers for BGST

April Prayer Requests

  1. Thankful to God for:
    - our 24th annual Convocation and Thanksgiving Service
    - 14 graduating students, including the first graduate from our new Certificate in Theological Studies.
  2. Pray that the Convocation Service will be a time of rejoicing and recommitment.
  3. Pray that all the glory will go to our Sovereign God.
  4. Thankful to God for helping us to complete our Work Plan for the coming academic year (starting this July). The process of drawing up the Work Plan has been a long drawn out and quite challenging at times, but I believe that all who have been involved now have a clearer idea of the direction we would like to see BGST go in, and of the steps we will be taking in pursuit of our goals in the coming academic year.
  5. Pray that during June, Faculty, Admin and Library staff will be able to find some rest and relaxation as they go to church camps or take other holidays.
  6. Please pray for Mr Quek Tze-Ming, who intends to devote June and July to concentrated work on his Ph.D. Pray that he may be able to make good use of this time, and finish the Ph.D.