Prayers for BGST

June Prayer Requests

  1. During May and June BGST Council, Faculty and Staff have been drawing up a Three-Year Plan for the period from July 2014 to June 2017. It has required a lot of hard work and discussion, but the Plan is now in place. We believe that this marks a significant step forward for BGST, one that will help us attain our two long-term goals of financial sustainability and fulfilling our mission. The next few years should see the work of BGST moving to a new level, on various fronts. But having a plan is not the same as implementing it! Please pray for us as we set about this task. 
  2. Mr Quek Tze Ming will soon be returning from his sabbatical in Cambridge. He has made good progress on a chapter that he needed to complete, and mapped out the work that remains to be done. Please pray that he may use his last weeks in Cambridge well.
  3. Dr Philip Satterthwaite is leaving for a 6-month sabbatical. He and his wife will also be in England (Manchester and Cambridge). Please pray that this may be a time of rest and refreshment for Eileen and Philip, and that they will make good progress on the tasks they have set for themselves for the sabbatical. (Philip will be working on commentaries on Judges and Chronicles, Eileen will be researching the role of women in the NT).