Prayers for BGST

October Prayer Requests

  1. Most of our courses for this semester are now reaching the half-way point, though there are some scheduled for later this year which have yet to start. Please pray for our lecturers, that their enthusiasm and energy may be sustained right to the end of their courses, and that our students may truly benefit from their time spent in our classes.

  2. We are attempting to offer some pastoral care to programme students at BGST, with a view to helping them reflect on how their theological studies with us are feeding into their discipleship. We held a tea for new programme students on October 3rd, to explain what pastoral care at BGST is about. Please pray for Mr Chong Ser Choon, our adjunct lecturer, as he coordinates this aspect of the work of BGST, and also for fruitful times of interaction between lecturers and students.

  3. Pray for Dr. Satterthwaite and team as they visit a number of churches in the next few weeks, to introduce the work of BGST and make it better known.