Academic Programmes

The academic programmes are designed: 

  1. to give a firm grasp of the Christian faith;
  2. to provide tools for further study and service; and
  3. to help students integrate life and faith.

While the required courses are meant to explore the broad issues in the major disciplines, there is considerable flexibility in choosing courses relevant to one's interests.


Certificate in Biblical Studies & Theological Studies
(CBS/CTS) 12 credits 

The Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS) and Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) are both 12-credit programmes aimed at providing students with a foundational understanding of biblical studies/theological studies. One of the primary goals of the programmes is to help Christians appreciate the importance of biblical and theological studies. Students are required to complete three core courses and 3 credits' worth of elective courses in each certificate.  

Credits earned from these Certificate programmes are entirely transferable to our postgraduate programmes (Grad DipCS, MCS, MDiv). Upon completion of both these programmes, students would require only another 6 credits to complete the requirements for the Grad DipCS.


Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies
(Grad DipCS) 30 credits

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies forms the core of all programmes offered at BGST. It is designed to provide Christians in all walks of life with a foundational understanding of Christian faith, tradition and practice. The Grad DipCS aims to help students reflect theologically, grow spiritually,  and integrate their faith with all aspects of their lives, whether at home or at work, in church or in the public square. The required courses introduce some of the main theological disciplines (such as Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, Christian Spirituality and Intercultural Studies) as well as courses which address the practicalities of living for God in Asia in the 21st century. 

The Grad DipCS also acts as the foundation for Master’s courses at BGST. Master’s students will normally complete the Grad DipCS as a first stage of their studies.  

Master in Christian Studies

(MCS) 60 credits 

Like the Grad DipCS, the MCS is designed primarily with the lay person in mind. The MCS builds on the foundation laid by the Grad  DipCS by introducing more advanced-level courses in the main theological disciplines. Students may also choose to concentrate in any of the following four areas of studies: Biblical Studies, Spiritual Theology, Intercultural Studies and Marketplace Studies.  

Master of Divinity
(MDiv) 90 credits

The MDiv degree aims to prepare future pastors and lay leaders for the task and challenge of ministry in an increasingly globalised and multi-cultural environment. To this end, students will participate in the broad-based education  developed under the MCS. In addition, they will undertake a wide range of disciplines unique to ministry in the Church, such as biblical language studies (Hebrew and/or Greek), pastoral theology, missions and evangelism, preaching, liturgy and worship, and leadership. The BGST MDiv is unique in two ways. First, each student will be given the opportunity to reflect theologically in the company of both ministry workers and laity. Second, each student will produce an integrative reflection paper on a contemporary issue of his/her choice.